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Location Information

Lilongwe/area3/central region Box23

African family background/heritage:

I am coming from musical family

About me:

It is well known that, behind every great singer there is always a different story behind regardless of the present. Like many singers, Atolo David Bandu is one of the great singer who started perusing his passion for music since at a tender age. Through collaboration with other well-known musician and the effort that he invested in music, his secular and Rnb songs now appear on great world platforms like YouTube, kivuzik and many more. As the result of his popularity, he is now a successful musician, and also play in a well know band known as Salama Africa.
As a young Man, Atolo David passed through many challenges that retarded his growth as a musician. When he was young his father did not have a job that is capable to produce enough money to support the whole family, as the result, he had to engage himself in business as well as focusing on education. Despite the huge responsibility that he had in his family, he could make time for music and listen to other secular songs more especially by Chris brown and James Arthur for inspiration, and this practice created a bridge to his success.
After joining the famous band of Salama Africa at the age of 18, he released his first song known as forward in 2009. This song granted him popularity all over Dowa district, and also made him the key Artist in Salama band. Following this early success, he started associating with big international artists like, Chimzkelly from Zambia, Gwamba from Malawi, Lulu from Malawi, and many others. From this point, he started performing on the grand Malawi festivals such as, Ufulu, Tumaini, and Lake of stars. This furthermore made his name known and connected him to the other famous Artists, which all led to the creation of his current album known as African girl in collaboration with Jemira from South Africa.
To many, Atolo David is known as a lover because of his compositions and his interest in volunteering in humanitarian organizations such as Plan Malawi, CARD, and UNHCR in his pursuit of transforming many youths in Africa via music production. In 2017 he released songs such as “surviving to fill a gap”
Hope as the reason for striving” and Refugee life, with the help of Salama band. The three songs exhibits the central theme of courage and Humanity, because of his belief that music is the language that can be used to revive and rectify the hope of poor, and brokenhearted people. As the product of the strong messages that these songs possess, the former USA ambassador known as Virginia Palmer in Malawi invited the band to dinner to hear the live performance in the same year that they were released. She was not the only one who was moved by the songs, but also many youths and adults because the songs touches the feeling and bring the reality into light while fading the illusions. As the product of the huge impact of the songs, people love him, and Many humanitarian organizations invites him to play live with
Salama Band when there is an organized events that targets youths and Refugees, like they did in 20162017, and 2018 on Refugees Days Celebration which were all held in the Malawi Refugee Camp.
Atolo David is still a growing Artist who have a strong vision of bringing a conspicuous change in the lives of African youths through the art of music, because of the fact that, many youths are the victims of many forms of human right violations and the target of politicians, but through the use of freedom of expression via music, youths can acquire the potential to embrace their freedom and use music as the tool that can be used to voice out the change that need to be implemented. From his view, music is not only about singing, but also a device that unite people to pursue a common goal and this belief acts as a driving force that pushes him forward and reach higher.
There allot of things that Atolo David have accomplished through the world of music though he is currently still a University student, and working on new album which will reflect on the theme of love and Humanity and released in November in coming years


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