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Tito Gee
Tito Gee
Location Information

Minnesota, United States of America

African family background/heritage:

Liberia, West Africa

About me:

Tito Gee Bio

Tito Gee, a US based Liberian Rapper, is proving to be a star in the making. His lyrical prowess and unique vocal ability enable him to ‘spit’ on any beat. In a pool of truly talented Liberian artists, Tito Gee is been placed in a class of his own for his catchy choruses and hooks.



On stage, the singer and rapper’s energetic and electrifying performances leave his fans always mesmerize. The Phoenix-based Liberian rapper is heavily influenced by hip-hop, trap and afrobeat. His music reaches approximately 6,000 fans every month, and has a direct online reach of a million plus peoples every month and a half.

An independent artist, he has released three singles, and is one of the bestselling Liberian artist.

Tito Gee, a versatile singer and songwriter, grew up in a drug-infested community in Pennsylvania, with a single parent where drug dealers were the only role models. But the city music culture impacted his music career. "I became obsessed with music for the city rap battle at that time. It helped me stay off the streets. Now I want to use my music to inspire and motivate people", Tito Gee says.

Tito Gee, debut single “Imported Bride,” featuring Momo, landed him an interview on one of the biggest radio stations in Philadelphia, Power FM at its 2003 release. The song went on to become the station’s “Song of the Month”.
Tito Gee’s ability to keep pushing forward, despite the rise in his popularity, affords him the opportunity to chat with Akon in New York and talk about his music.


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